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Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Service in Orland Park

You’ve had a tree cut down and removed from the base of its trunk, but now you’re left with a huge, unsightly and dangerous stump in the middle of your lawn and you want it removed.  What are your options and which one should you go with? As tree care experts based in Orland Park, we specialize in both tree stump grinding and tree stump removal. Each can be approached in a different way and each has its own pros and cons.  If you’re in need of any kind of grinding or removal of a tree stump, we’d be happy to explain the process and provide an estimate. Feel free to call our office to schedule an appointment.

If you’re left with a tree stump, there are two common options you have to get it out of your lawn.  The first method is to grind the stump with a commercial stump grinding tool and the second is to have the stump completely removed.  Deciding which one you should have done depends on a few different factors such as budget, intended use, and time frame.

Difference between stump grinding and stump removal

Though the difference between the two may seem obvious, there are small nuances that differentiate the two.  Both methods ultimately get rid of the tree stump that is sticking out of the ground, but it’s what’s underneath the ground that makes the difference.

Stump grinding is the process of using a commercial grade grinding tool that grinds the tree stump down to the soil level.  When this is done, all that is left behind is a lot of fine sawdust as residue. The root system, however, has been left completely in tact and untouched.  

On the other hand, stump removal requires much heavier force and calls for different equipment that can pull the tree stump and its root system from the ground.  Because the combination of man-power and machine-power required to get the job successfully done is much greater, the cost is also much larger. You’ll also notice that removing the stump leaves the area unlevel and will require a plan to get the soil level with its surrounding.

Why excavate a tree stump anyway?

Excavating a stump in your yard is an extremely important step in your overall tree maintenance regimen.  Consider the reasons below why you would want to have your stump either completely pulled or ground to a dust:

  1. More tree growth - leaving a stump in the ground for an extended period of time will actually encourage the growth of new surrounding trees which, can end up creating more work for you, create challenges for existing trees, and be much more costly to manage/remove in the end.
  2. Safety - not only are the unsightly, but they can create hazards for young children, the elderly, and for those that simply aren’t looking.  Tree stumps can be several feet in diameter and can inflict a lot of physical damage on accident. They’ve also been known to destroy machinery, such as a lawn mower, that unintentionally caught the edge of the stump.
  3. They attract pests and disease - insects that feed off of wood, such as large carpenter ants, termites, beetles, and other bugs that burrow into trees, are attracted to decaying wood.  This decaying wood can harbor different species of insects and fungus that can attack neighboring trees and plants.
  4. Visual aesthetics - stumps just aren’t that visually appealing, they create the exact opposite effect that a mature, blossoming tree creates.  Not only that, but they also tend to get weeds and fungus that grows around them as well. They are unwanted eye sores that never go away.

What is the average cost of removing vs grinding a tree stump?

There are several factors that go into the cost of removing and grinding a tree stump, especially in the Orland Park area, but on average you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 - $400 per stump for grinding and between $400 - $700 for removal.  These numbers can change based on conditions such as:

  • Diameter - the larger the diameter, the more time it takes to grind/remove the stump.  It also implies an older tree which means that the root system is also more developed
  • Age - older stumps are usually more rotted and decayed and take less time to be removed from the ground
  • Soil condition - rocky soil is much harder to dig through and takes more time to extract a tree and roots.  Here in the Chicago area we have clay soil so it tends to be less invasive and slightly less time intensive, though some subdivisions are heavy with rocks.
  • Type of tree stump - certain types of stumps are harder to remove and grind than others are
  • Roots - younger trees don’t have as mature of a root system than do older trees, if the roots are extensive then it will take much longer to dig out.  The roots will eventually decay and disappear in the soil, but that could take years and if you’re ready to re-plant in that same area you’d want the roots out right away.
  • The cleanup - cleanup, removal and disposal takes extra time and the charge is in line with the extra man hours required

How quickly can you become available?

If you’re in Orland Park and the surrounding cities then we can get to you extremely quickly.  Often times we do our very best to give same day estimates and we can usually get out to your home and do the job within just a few days.  We understand that you have busy lives so we do our very best to coordinate with you and your schedule.  

Your presence is not required and we can complete the job while you’re away with proper arrangements.  Let us know how we can serve you with any of your tree care needs. We service all of Cook county, Kane county, Dupage county, McHenry county, and Lake county.  We have the necessary equipment, experience and man power to get the job done right the first time. Call us today for an estimate!

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