Tree Removal & Maintenance Service in Orland Park

We're experts at tree removal, tree stump grinding, tree trimming, limb removal, pruning, disease control, cable and bracing, and so much more...

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Tree Removal Service in Orland Park

Choosing the right company to service your trees is something you should take seriously, especially when it comes to completely cutting down and hauling away a large tree that is capable of inflicting a large amount of physical harm and property damage.

We work all day with saws, blades, scissors, knives, large machinery and very heavy trees so the first thing we think about before starting a project is how to accomplish the task at hand properly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.  From the properties we work on, to the men that we employ, safety is always our number one concern.

From there on forward, our goal is to remove your tree from your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.  There are many things we analyze before we put the saw to tree, but we’ll coordinate amongst ourselves to remove the tree limbs and branches first so that it makes cutting down the larger tree branches much easier.  Our tree removal service in Orland Park is quick because we do the time consuming planning before we make any cuts, as opposed to most companies that just quickly start cutting without any foresight.

Most of the companies in Orland Park that cut down trees have little to no equipment to work off of as well.  They focus on the smaller jobs that may only require ground work or small ladders, but our team can take on the largest of tree trimming and removal jobs because we own and utilize our own tools and machinery.  From really tall and brawny trees to small shrubs, we have the experience and equipment to safely cut down tree limbs, branches, and tree trunks down to stumps.

Here are several reasons why you would want to consider Clipper Tree Removal Service of Orland Park:

  • Licensed and Insured - we work in one of the most dangerous industries in the world, although we do everything we possibly can to complete every job without a scratch on us, its extremely difficult, which is why we protect ourselves, our employees, and our customers with insurance should an accident arise.  We are also licensed and our staff goes through continuous safety training so that we can try to make our mistakes in a simulation versus a real life scenario.
  • Experience - most of our tenured guys have involved in the tree care business since young ages.  Some had families who worked or owned a tree removal company and they picked up the tricks of the trade at a young age.  Some simply became involved right out of school. Either way, our team is very skilled and experienced in handling equipment and heavy machinery, as well as planning how to remove a tree down to the base.  Whether its tree trimming, branch and limb removal, tree removal, stump grinding or tree planting, we have the team to handle the job from A to Z.
  • Service - our pricing is very fair for the quality work we provide.  We do not compete with the one-man-shows because we are firm believers in “you get what you pay for.”  With us, you won’t need to babysit, or make sure we arrive on time. You won’t need to be concerned about tree limbs crashing into your windows or falling on your roof.  We bring the proper tools, equipment and machinery to the job because we actually own them, the one-man-shows bring a set of shears thinking they can complete any job with them.  We focus on delivering great work and great customer experience so that you call us again the next time you need your trees serviced.
  • Equipment - we have access to all the equipment we need to safely and quickly cut down trees.  From the largest and tallest trees to the widest, we can handle all jobs. We even have wood chippers if you’d like your tree limbs and tree trunks cut into small pieces for a fireplace.

Our tree removal service in Orland Park is second to none.  Give us a call and talk to us about your needs. We’ll quickly schedule a time to see what the scope of work is and to provide an estimate.  We work around your schedule and can even perform the work while you are away. We look forward to serving you!

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