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Tree Doctor in Orland Park

Just like you need routine physical care and maintenance with your physician, so does a tree.  Statistically, the more frequently you converse with and see your doctor, the healthier you are, and when you let things go too long and your health gets ahead of you, your doctor has to see alternative ways to get you back to equilibrium.  This could mean simply prescribing some medication to get you back on track, or it could mean something more serious such as surgery.

In any event, tree doctors have the same function except they care for trees and not people.  They have to assess the physical condition of a tree to see what its status is. Sometimes just more frequent routine maintenance is all that is needed, and worst case scenario, a tree is in such terrible physical condition that it must be cut down and completely removed or it risks physical harm to people and/or spreading disease to other trees.

Wherever your tree lies in the health spectrum, we are tree doctors based out of Orland Park and we take our profession with extreme prudence, yet we approach our treatments swiftly and aggressively.  Call us anytime to schedule a visit, we’d be glad to take a look at any tree that needs service. We can diagnose the cause and help you put together a plan to remedy the situation.

What is a tree doctor and what do they do?

Tree doctors take on many roles, but some of their more traditional functions include planting, pruning, felling and general treatment, care and maintenance of trees.  Tree surgeons can also be hired to apply pesticides to damaged trees so that they become more resistant to certain bugs, pests and other wintering bugs.

Emergency tree service near Orland Park

We are frequently called for emergency tree service during times of inclement weather.  Usually during heavy rain or snow storms, large tree branches will fall on top of electrical lines or even personal property such as homes and cars.  Lightning strikes that actually split trees apart aren’t all that uncommon. For situations such as these, we offer emergency tree service so that people who are affected by these unfortunate events can get back to their lives and begin recovering from the damage that the large trees have caused them.

Tree hazard inspections

Believe it or not but many times emergency tree service could have been avoided.  The weight of heavy snow on trees can leave behind telling signs that large branches could break and fall off with just one more storm.  Similarly, heavy winds and rains can leave a tree’s structure compromised. Just one more light storm can be enough to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, and worse yet, bodily injury or death to someone.  

To an untrained eye, these signs can be far from obvious, but having an arborist routinely inspect your trees, shrubs and bushes is often your best bet at preventing tragedies.  For an arborist like us, who inspects the structural strength of trees day-in and day-out, we are your first line of defense against perils caused by your trees.

Call us today for an inspection, we are a local company that has flexible schedules.  Many times your presence isn’t required, only access to your property and trees.

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