What time of year do trees grow leaves?

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Are you curious about when exactly do trees grow their leaves? Depending on several factors such as your location and the specific type of tree we are talking about, some trees grow leaves in the early time of the year while some trees grow leaves late.

In the United States where it is common for most parts to have four seasons that are mentioned in the popular song by James Taylor, we have winter, spring, summer, and fall. It is common for trees to grow their leaves in the season after winter which is spring.

During early springtime which begins around the month of March up to June, trees will start to go back to life from months of dormancy. The branches that have been bare will eventually grow some buds and in a couple of days or a few months, people will see the lush green color of leaves and the colorful flowers again. By summertime, everything will have been back to its normal healthy look and will continue to grow until the change of season comes again.

Why do leaves grow back in spring?

During fall, trees will start to get rid of their leaves as a way to conserve their energy and food. It is actually not practical for trees to keep their leaves during the colder months where it can be hard to get the nutrients, water, and sunlight it needs to stay alive. By getting rid of their leaves, they can reserve energy that will last until they can get what it needs again. This process can be called tree dormancy, however, the buds where leaves grow is still healthy and will just shut down until it’s time to grow again.

During spring, trees will start to open their buds and can grow new leaves again. Trees do this because they will need leaves to be able to do photosynthesis again, which is the process of how plants make their own food.

Do trees only grow in spring?

As children, many of us thought that trees and flowers would only grow during springtime, but this is actually not the case. Most trees start to grow in the late spring, but would actually start to grow even more during the summer season, which is when the most important resource that plants need is plenty – sunlight. Summer in the United States usually starts in the month of June up to September. There are also some types of trees that do not grow during spring and summer but will do so in winter and fall instead.





What trees commonly grow leaves in spring?

Trees are often known as having their own “schedule.” Though there is no exact time for trees to leaf out, here are some of the trees that grow their leaves during spring.

  1. Birches – Birch trees are often found in North America. It is known for its white bark.
  2. Hickories – Hickory trees are often found in the Eastern parts of the US. It is known for its nuts that are sweet and rich in taste.
  3. Red Oaks – Red Oak trees are often found in the Eastern and Central parts of the US. It is known for its leaves that are jagged with sharp angles. Red Oak trees are durable and reliable which makes them ideal to be made into furniture and flooring,
  4. Beeches – Beech trees are often found in the Eastern part of the US. It is known for its dark green leaves that have pointed tips.

What trees do not grow in spring?

Contrary to the knowledge that trees can only grow in seasons when sunlight is always present, there are trees that actually grow during the colder seasons. Some of the trees that are best to plant during fall are the following:

  1. Ash – Ash trees usually grow in the eastern and central parts of North America. White ash trees have leaves that can be finely toothed and have smooth edges.
  2. Alder – Red Alder trees usually grow in the pacific northwest of North America. Red Alder trees have toothed edges and look similar to a cone.
  3. Catalpa – Catalpa trees usually grow in the northeastern and southeastern parts of the US. This tree grows 40 to 60 feet tall and has leaves that are shaped like a heart.
  4. Hackberry – Hackberry trees can be seen in most cities in the US. Hackberry trees are very common and have a “warty” bark.
  5. Elm – Elm trees can be seen in the northeastern parts of the US. Elm trees can reach more than 100 feet in height and have leaves that are oval-shaped with a pointy tip.

What time of year do trees lose their leaves?

When you feel the cool winds and you find yourself needing to wear sweaters and drinking hot cocoa, it must be time for the fall season which is also called autumn. The fall season begins in the month of September up to December. During this period, most trees would usually dry out and lose their healthy and normal color. Instead of the typical lush green, you will see shades of brown and orange leaves hanging on the trees.

Tree leaves fall during this season as a way to protect the overall health of the tree for the upcoming colder months. This will help them conserve energy that will last until spring comes and when they will be able to catch sunlight and other nutrients for photosynthesis.







How do you make your tree grow leaves fast?

The most important thing for you to remember when you want your trees to grow leaves fast is to make sure they are healthy. Certain types of trees may have special requirements such as a specific type of soil and may need to be applied fertilizers every now and then. To know if your trees are getting what they need, you may ask your arborist.

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