Residential & Commercial Tree Service in Orland Park

We're experts at tree removal, tree stump grinding, tree trimming, limb removal, pruning, disease control, cable and bracing, and so much more...

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Residential and Commercial Tree Service in Orland Park

As a local tree service company serving Orland Park and the surrounding south suburbs of Chicago, we’re nimble enough to handle the smaller, one-off residential projects, but large and experienced enough to take on the tougher commercial projects as well.  Our experience gives us the confidence to tackle the most complex issues with trees and lawn maintenance, but we also carry our own equipment to properly, safely and quickly get things done.

From ensuring a strong, healthy start for baby trees, to preventing disease and decay to strong mature trees, to trimming and pruning for aesthetic purposes, to cutting down very large trees, it’s our years of experience that separates us from our competitors.  

Our goal is to be the go-to company in Orland Park for any of your tree care and maintenance needs.  The only way we can get there is by properly taking care of our customers and doing what’s right for them and their trees.  Our commitment to you is to provide friendly, honest and speedy service, with stellar workmanship at extremely fair market prices.  We know we can do this because we have an extremely tight crew, with years of experience and access to our own machinery and tools.

Tree Maintenance and Removal

One of our most requested service calls is for tree maintenance and removal.  From setting up a maintenance routine that ensures your small, baby tree grows into a large mature one, to unfortunately cutting down a tree that couldn’t make it one more season, to grinding and removing stumps out of the ground, we’ve got you covered and we can help!  

Taking on one of these projects is hard work and should only be done by a trained professional.  What can start as a simple DIY project can quickly turn into an accident requiring immediate medical attention.  Arborists and tree care professionals are consistently ranked in the top 3 most dangerous professions, don’t place yourself in harm’s way, let those with the proper tools and years of experience take on these projects for you.

Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Leaving up a tree stump after the tree has been cut down not only looks like an eye-sore, but it can also attract bugs, pests, fungus and a host of other problems that can spread to other neighboring trees.  By having our company remove the stump, either by removing the stump and its roots, or completely grinding down the stump to below the soil level, you’re ensured that the project is completed properly, professionally and in a timely manner.

Whether you have a field of stumps that need to be cleared or just one, our team can help.  We have the grinding machines to quickly clear a field and we can even provide the wood chips or wood logs for cooking or wood burning fireplaces.

Pest and Disease Service

Diseases can be an extremely serious issue, especially during an aggressive season or when the density of trees in a small radius is very high.  When disease is spreading, it makes trees extremely vulnerable from within the root system and all throughout. Wintering bugs and pests can bore themselves deep into tree trunks and branches and reproduce within the core of the tree.  Within a very short period of time, an entire area of trees can be killed off due to disease spreading, wintering bugs.

Typically there are several warning signs that can be seen before this problem becomes irreversible.  Look for leaves that aren’t a vibrant green (especially during the summer months), this signifies that the tree isn’t properly converting chlorophyll into energy through the process of photosynthesis.  When the tree doesn’t get proper nutrition then it becomes vulnerable and cannot fight off pests and disease.  

Another warning sign is the visibility and reproduction of fungus and mold around the base of a tree which typically signals rot and decay.  This means that the tree is dying off and requires someone knowledgeable to the root cause of the problem so that a remedy can be put in place.  

Our team of arborists have been serving the Orland Park area for these issues and many others.  If it’s disease and pests you’re trying to fight off, allow our team to look and analyze what can be done to resolve the issue.

Cabling and Bracing Service

When a tree’s structure grows at an imbalance, the weight of certain tree trunks and limbs can cause enough strain and stress on other parts of the tree to cause tilting, splitting or cracking.  When this happens, the tree must reach structural equilibrium and one way arborists can achieve that is through the practice of cabling and bracing.  

In short, there is some tree trimming and pruning that has to take place prior to cabling and bracing so that the structure isn’t completely out of balance.  Trimming the canopy and branches is typically a requirement to alleviate some of the excess weight and once that process has been taken care of, a system of cables and braces are applied to the trunk and limbs so that a large portion of the splitting force can be taken off the area that is beginning to pull apart.

This allows the tree to naturally heal itself while adhering the ripped apart pieces back together again.  With a consistent maintenance plan, the tree will eventually grow stronger as a single unit, but structural balance is once again retained and the cable and braces can then be removed.

Emergency Service

Emergencies happen for numerous reasons, whether your tree was hit by a car, mother nature, or because of any other reason, call our office for emergency service.  Snow storms causing tree limbs to fall over because of heavy ice is a common problem in Orland Park. When the trees are down, they can also bring down the power lines with them causing outages for blocks.  We know the sense of urgency in the those circumstances and we can help! We also understand the urgency when a tree falls over onto your property and you need to get it resolved immediately.

Give us a call to get the situation addressed immediately.  Whether it is circumstance for commercial or residential purposes, we know we can alleviate your concern.  We’re here to help, call us now!

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