Is it safe to plant a tree in the summer time?

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Are you in the mood to plant your tree but remembered that we are currently in the summer season? Many people have been hesitant to plant trees in the summer for a valid reason.

In places with extreme weather, the harsh sun may be detrimental to your plant. Those who planted trees in the past during summertime may know how hard it is for new plants to survive in this time. There are also other issues such as drought or nutrients that can dry out during the season. Summertime may be great for established trees, but it is not kind for budding ones.

To answer the question of whether it is safe to plant a tree in the summertime, the answer is both yes and no.

It would not be safe for your tree to be planted during the summer if you are not willing to put in extra effort and have limited resources to make sure that your tree will grow. However, if you have the resources and can actually commit your time and effort to make sure that your tree will grow healthily, the answer is yes, it would be safe to plant your tree during summer.

What you need to know before planting your tree in the summertime

To understand why gardeners and most people avoid planting trees during summer, you will need to know the reasons why it is not usually done. There are specific causes why trees are usually not planted during summer and it is backed up by science. Knowing the logic behind can probably help you when you decide if you will continue with your planting or not.





  1. Extreme sunlight can be stressful for new plants

In most places, summertime would usually mean that the sun is present on most days of the month. When the sun is at its peak, it can be beneficial for grown plants and trees and can help them be healthy and strong.

On the other hand, if you are planning to plant a new tree that has does not have very strong and established roots yet, it can be very stressful for it to grow. Depending on the tree that you want to plant, it may not bode well to be exposed to sunlight when it is still getting used to its new environment.

Avoid this by planting in places that have shade, which can help in not having your plant exposed to the sun in most parts of the day.

  1. The soil can be very dry

Your soil will be very dry in the summer unless you water it properly. Soils can also be stripped of its nutrients when it does not have proper moisture, and planting a tree on an unhealthy soil can be a recipe for disaster.

Before planting your tree, make sure that the soil you are using is healthy and that it has enough nutrients in it to encourage your plant to grow. You have to remember that soil is very important for plants and can be the determiner of whether your plant can survive or not. You can add fertilizers and nutrients to your soil or add mulch around the area to help it maintain its moisture and also to regulate the heat.

  1. Summer planting and maintenance will take time

As what we have said above, if you really want to plant your tree during the summer, you will need to make sure that you can commit your time and effort to make sure that your tree will grow. Even though giving you 100% is not a guarantee that your tree will survive, it will increase the chances of having a healthy tree that will survive not only the summer but also the upcoming seasons for many years to come.

If you plant in the summer, you will need to check your tree regularly as dry trees are much more effective to insects and pests than wet ones.

Tips when planting trees in the summer

When you are already determined in planting your tree in this heat, you are going to need the tips below. Even though it may be hard to plant in the summer, it does not mean that there will be no chance for your tree to grow healthy. These tips might help you in the whole process and can be one of the reasons why you will be successful in your planting project.




Tip #1: Plant in a container first

You may be able to give your tree more fighting chances if you plant it first on a separate pot or plastic container. By doing this, you can easily transfer your plant from place to place and put it in a shaded area. You can also regulate the soil more if it is in a separate container and will be easier to maintain.

Tip #2: Plant your tree at a much better time

When the heat can be too damaging for your new plant, why not try planting it when the sun is down? Do your planting in the late afternoon or during the evening and you will give your plant a few hours to adjust to its new environment. This can give it a chance to acclimate before it is exposed to the sunlight in the morning.

You can also check the weather before you plant. Just because it’s summer does not mean there will be no cloudy days. The right timing may be just what your plant needs in the beginning.

Tip #3: Be careful with your watering

During the summer, dehydration will be your new plant’s number one enemy and you may be tempted to water it several times a day. Doing this is actually recommended, however, you still have to be careful not to overwater your plant. Take note of the times you will water your plant and regularly look for signs of overwatering or dehydration.

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