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Palos Park, Cook County Illinois

Are you one of the proud residents of Palos Park? Palos Park has continuously been improving as a place where its residents can have jobs and have fun at the same time. Though the village is very small with only a few residents, it has been named one of the best places to retire in Illinois and also one that has the best public education available. 

Aside from the beautiful oak trees and forest preserves, there are a lot of places you can see in this quaint village.

Fun Places to be in and near Palos Park

  • McDivot’s Sports Bar and Grill

Want to relax during the weekend? You can watch sports events while having your favorite drink in this cozy place.

  • Palos Park Recreation Theater

Visit the park’s very own recreation center and witness live theater performances, musicals, and plays like Dracula.







  • Saganashkee Slough

Want to bond with nature and see the most beautiful sunset? Visit the Saganashkee Slough and be prepared to be amazed by the scenic trail.

  • Francesca's Vicinato

Looking for a place with the best Italian restaurant? Try Francesca’s best-seller pizza and you will surely come back for another serving.

All about Palos Park’s Demographics

From the data gathered by the American Communication Survey in 2018, there are a total of 4,907 people in Palos Park. There are 2,166 male residents and 2,741 female residents with a median age of 52. The citizens in the area are mostly born in the United States and almost 6% were born in other countries and have moved later on in the village.

What is the employment like in Palos Park?

The occupations of almost 84% of the locals are in the white-collar sector while the remaining 16% are working in the blue-collar sector. The employees that are working for the government take up 8% of the total population while 73% are in the private companies, 8% are self-employed, and 11% do their work in companies that are not for profit. The percentage of workers in every industry is highly influenced by the reason that there are many businesses and stores around commercial areas in the village which is where most locals work to earn money. 

What are the statistics in education?

Many residents in Palos Park have been in High School which is 24% of the total population while 26% have been to College, nearly 8 earned an Associate Degree and nearly 18% have earned Bachelor’s Degree.

How much do residents earn?

Local households in Palos Park have a median income of around $92,000 and have an average annual income of around $120,000. This salary is usually received by individuals who are within the age bracket of 45 to 65 years. 

What is the mode of transportation in Palos Park?

Palos Park is one of the best places to live in because of its convenience and nearby establishments. When locals have to go to places that are close to their homes and workplace, they usually walk and ride their bikes to save money. However, when they need to go to places that are considerably far, most residents prefer to use their private car as the main choice of transportation or use the railroad, bus, or taxicab as another way to travel.

What is the state of housing units in the area? 

At the time of the survey, there are close to 2,076 housing units in the village, and nearly 1,500 of those were built in the year 2000 and earlier. In the later years, approximately 500 housing units were built in the area. Most of the units are occupied by their respective owners which are around 90% of the total homes while 10% are renter-occupied.

What is the marital status of the residents in the village?

Most of the locals in Palos Park are married while people who are not married take up 21%, divorced are 11%, widowed are 9%, and separated are less than 1% of the total number of residents.

Palos Park Tree Removal Service

Do you want to get rid of the unwanted tree in your backyard?

Look no further and take a look at the services we offer.

Tree Services We Provide Best

Do you need to remove a tree that has been causing problems not only for you but also in the neighborhood? Here is the list of services we do best that would relieve you from the stress you are experiencing from your unwanted tree.








Services We Offer

Tree Removal

Trees can offer so much benefit to humans such as cleaner air, a cooler environment, and even food we can consume. However, there will be a need to unfortunately remove trees that are unwanted and dying because they can cause harm to other people. To get your tree removed with as much efficiency as possible, give us a call and we will do it for you.

Tree Trunk Removal

Did you have a tree removed but the trunk was unfortunately left on your lawn? If the tree service who removed your tree did not clean up properly, we will also do it to make sure that your lawn is ready for your renovation and is safe for people to walk around.

Stump Removal

When tree stumps are not removed, there is a possibility of your unwanted tree growing back as months and years pass. To prevent it from growing and being the home of wood-boring insects, give us a call and we will remove it properly.

Emergency Tree Removal

For emergencies, our crew is ready to serve you 24/7. 


Having a tree removed should be done by experts.

Finding a trusted and reliable tree removal service in Palos Park should be a breeze, especially when you get us to do the job for you. Give us a call at this number or set an appointment by filling out our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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