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Homer Glen, Will County

When you are one of the lucky residents in the beautiful village of Homer Glen, it is a no brainer for you to love this place. There are a lot of families staying in the area for a long time due to its safe environment along with the best schools, food, and parks.

If you are bored in Homer Glen, it is probably because you do not know the places to look for great entertainment. Whether you are a nature person or someone who enjoys getting out to look for a nice place to blow some steam, this city has every bit of both that will surely get your attention.

Fun Places and Events in Homer Glen

  1.  Bengston Pumpkin Farm

You cannot call yourself a resident of Homer Glen if you did not visit the Bengston Pumpkin Farm and joined the Pumpkin Festival. This place is perfect for families to bond as they are child-friendly. There a lot of attractions and activities on the farm such as the petting zoo and rides.

  1. Konow’s Corn Maze

Want to relax, bask in the sun, and take beautiful paragraphs? Visit Konow’s Corn Maze on your own or with the company of your loved ones and prepare to be amazed by the scenic view. This place is a family favorite and has the best attractions, food, and staff.

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  1. La Crepe Bistro

Getting hungry? Hop on your ride and take a look at La Crepe Bistro’s menu. This restaurant has earned the hearts (and stomachs) of both locals and visitors due to its delicious meals that are perfect to eat at any time of the day.

  1. Dotty’s

Want a simple but tasty meal? Do not hesitate to try Dotty’s classic burger or pork rib sandwich.

Homer Glen’s Population and Demographics

According to the census gathered by the American Community Survey last 2018, Homer Glen has a total population of 24,467. 12,588 of those numbers are male residents while 11,879 are female, with a median age of 44 years old.


The area is mostly comprised of white-collar workers who are almost 82% of the population, and the remaining 18% percent are blue-collared workers. Out of the employees, almost 75% are working for private companies, almost 6% are in non-profit companies, 9% are self-employed, and 10% are government workers. This information is influenced mainly due to the fact that there are a lot of newly established shops and stores in the area which is where many people work to earn a living.

Education and Income

As for education, 12% of the population living in Homer Glen has earned their Bachelor’s Degree, almost 30% reached High School education, and almost 24% has been to College.

The average income earned for households is around $120,000 every year which is what is mostly earned by residents over 45 years of age up to the middle of their 60s.

Marital Status and Household

There is a huge population of residents who are married that is taking up 64% of the residents, while locals who were never married are almost 25%, divorced are 6%, widowed are almost 5%, and separated are less than 1% of the total population.

There are a total of 8,292 households in Homer Glen with an average of 3 people in each household. Almost 82% of those are families while the remaining 18% are not related. Out of the 8,292, only 2,583 households have children.

Transportation and Housing

Many people in Homer Glen cycle or walk around to do some shopping. To go to father places, the main transportation for most people is by car, next is by railroad. The rest prefer to travel using the subway, taxicab, or bus instead.

There are 8,561 housing units in Homer Glen at the time of the census, and around 6,000 of those homes were built in the year 1989 or earlier, and at least 1800 were built between 2000 to the later years. A huge portion of the home units is owner-occupied which is 94% of the total residential areas, while the remaining 6% are what is occupied by the renters.

Homer Glen Tree Removal Service

logs ready to be cut into wood chips

Do you have a tree that is in the way of your lawn? Do you have a stump that is not removed and has been the cause of concern for you and your neighbors? Though trees give humans so many benefits such as a cooler temperature and fresher air, there will come a time that they will need to be uprooted.

Common reasons why you need to have your tree removed

  1. Your tree is blocking a path

One reason why you need to have a tree removed is when it is blocking your path.

  1. Your tree is dying

Is your tree sick or dying and you wanted to get it removed? Contacting a tree removal service can be the best choice to do to avoid it from getting the disease spread to other plants and trees around your lawn and neighborhood. Waiting for a long time can also cause in the infestation of pests and insects that can be detrimental not only to other greens but also to humans as well.

  1. Your tree is a safety hazard

Is the tree or tree stump in your backyard causing trouble for the dwellers around the area? There are many accidents that are caused by trees falling or being a tripping hazard. Get them removed as soon as possible to prevent damage to your property and possible injuries.

  1. Your tree does not fit your landscape’s look

Do you want to have your lawn renovated? If your tree is not needed in the beautification of your landscape, get it removed at once and start doing your project.


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