Do trees still grow in winter?

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Having a tree in your backyard is often very beneficial to you, your family, and your neighborhood. Generally, trees help purify the air, make your soil more resistant to erosion, and are great insulators that can assist in making your home more comfortable to live in. 

Because of the many advantages that come with having a tree and also its majestic beauty that can certainly catch the eyes of your neighbors and some passersby, you will absolutely want a tree that is healthy and lush. However, this will not often be the case, especially when winter comes. 

If you are still planning to plant a tree or already have one, you might be concerned with what winter can do to it, especially if the cold season in your place can be brutal. For us to know whether our tree will still be healthy after winter comes, it would be helpful to know about how winter can affect our beloved trees.

Will your trees continue to grow during the winter season?

One of the most important things for us to know is whether trees will continue to grow during winter. If you are wondering whether it would be possible for them to grow in the winter season, the answer to this is it depends.

Trees can grow or may not grow during winter. This can be decided using the following factors:

  1. The location of your tree.

The majority of the deciding factor that will greatly affect your tree is its location. If you live in places where the winter can be extremely brutal and harsh, your tree will stop growing during this time. This is because the strength that it has will only be enough for its survival until summer, when it will be able to get nutrients and sunlight again for it to make its own food that is crucial for its growth. 





On the other hand, if the winter in your place is considered mild, it will be highly possible for your trees to continue to grow. In fact, there are instances where trees will not shed off too much of their leaves during winter as it is not cold enough for them to shut off their system. This is because the tree may still consider the temperature and weather to be warm, and in cases like this, they will continue to grow as usual or a little slower than normal.

  1. The kind of tree that is planted. 

As most of us know, there are many types and variants of trees that can be found and planted in certain states and regions. Depending on the tree, some types can still continue to grow during winter, while some trees would shut down during this particular season.

For example, deciduous trees – the trees that shed their leaves during the winter season, are more prone to stop growing their roots during the coldest time of the year. On the other hand, evergreen trees – the trees that keep most of their leaves in each season of the year, may or may not continue to grow their roots, which would still depend on the severity of the winter. The growth of evergreen trees will rely on whether the soil they are planted in would not be too frozen to the point where it would be difficult for them to make their food. 

  1. The care and maintenance that the owner is willing to do. 

As was said earlier, the severity of the winter is the number one reason that will affect whether a tree will grow or not. However, there is a little chance that proper care and maintenance from the tree’s owner can aid in the growth of the tree even during the cold season. This can be the case when the tree is still young or newly-planted. 






If you want to assist your newly-planted tree during the winter, make sure that you will also water the tree regularly. Applying mulch may also be effective, depending on the type of tree that was planted. Despite the reason that it is possible to assist trees to continue to grow during winter, planting one during this season is really not recommended.

Can you plant trees during winter?

Many tree experts and arborists generally recommend planting a tree during early fall or spring. This is because the temperature will be just enough to encourage growth and the soil will be nourishing for plants. As mentioned above, professionals generally stay away from planting new trees during the winter season, as it can be too much for the plant to thrive. 

If you really want to plant a tree in the winter and already know that there is a high possibility that your tree may not survive, you may do so. After all, planting a tree can be a hit or miss, and yours might be able to grow healthy, as long as you know that you may need to check on it twice more than usual.

Some of the things you can do to encourage growth when planting during the winter season is watering your tree regularly, mulching, and staking. Avoid putting fertilizer and pruning so that you will lessen the risk of diseases and infections. 

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