How do you care for newly planted trees?

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Did you plant a new tree in your lawn and want to know how you can take care of it to make it healthy? Or are you still planning to plant one and are doing some research before actually doing the planting?

Whichever case you are in, it would not hurt to be prepared and knowledgeable in what you need to do during and after planting your tree. After all, the goal is to have a healthy and sturdy tree after a couple of years. Nobody would want a sick tree on their landscape.

Healthy trees would need plenty of things such as water, sunlight, nutrients, and care from its owner. If one of them is lacking, chances are your tree would not last long.

What you need to know before planting your tree

If you stumbled on this guide when you haven’t planted your tree yet, we have some tips for you that could probably help in your planting process.

Before you plant your tree you need to know




1. What you will need your tree to be

When you are still unsure of the kind of tree you will plant, you can list down the things you would want for a tree, such as its appearance. Do you want an eye-catching tree? Or you would like a tree that will fit in the image of your neighborhood? Next is your tree’s purpose. Do you want your tree to bear fruit or do you want it to be some sort of a hedge to make your home have more privacy? Once you list down the characteristics of the tree that you prefer, you can do your own research or ask an arborist about which trees fit your description.

2. Whether your tree will fit your lawn

If you already have a list of the trees that you want, you should also put your lawn’s limitations into account. Realistically, it would be unwise to plant a tree that will grow huge when you only have little space left in your landscape. Also, make sure that your location will be able to give the tree the climate that it needs. If you plant a tree that does not bode well with extreme heat, do not plant it in California.

What you need to do for your newly planted tree

Did you do your planting already? If you are done with the exciting process of planting your new tree, this does not mean that your job is finished. Your newly planted trees will need your time and attention for the first couple of days, months, and years.

Although trees are grand and often sturdy, new trees can be extremely sensitive and brittle. This would mean that they will need extra care to be able to grow properly. Depending on the tree you have planted, some may even require more attention than others. Before you can enjoy the shade and fruits that your tree will provide, you will need to get to work first.







Is mulching necessary?

Wood mulching is a procedure that is done to make plants and trees remain hydrated, decreases the compaction of soil, helps keep weeds away, and also controls the temperature around your plant. If you are asking whether it is necessary to mulch your newly planted tree, the answer is yes.

Mulching is usually done by first removing grass and weed around your new tree, ideally securing the area in a circular shape. After this, pour your organic mulch at least 2 to 4 inches deep. Make sure to keep your mulch from touching your tree’s bark and avoid putting too much as it can attract diseases, pests, and fungi.

How often do you water a newly planted tree?

Watering will always be part of taking care of a plant, but how much water does your tree really need? Not watering your tree will make it dehydrated, but overwatering can be detrimental (if not more harmful) as well.

There are a lot of factors that will influence how much water your tree needs. It can be depending on the type of your tree, the weather in your area, and many more. One of the tips tree experts give is to stick your finger in the soil of your tree. If it is too dry, it may be time to get your plant hydrated. One of the easiest ways to determine if your tree is getting enough water is by inspecting its leaves.

Should you fertilize your newly planted trees?

One of the most frequently asked questions is on the topic of fertilizers. Many people are asking if newly planted trees need fertilizing, and the general answer to this is no. Arborists advise not applying fertilizers to your newly planted trees for at least a year, though it may depend on your tree and its location.

If you know that your tree will not get enough of the nutrients it needs on your basic soil, you can opt to apply a little bit of fertilizer. Just make sure that you will not put too much or your tree will find it more difficult to survive.

Will you need to prune your new tree?

Pruning your newly planted tree is unnecessary and not recommended by tree professionals. Give your tree at least a year before you start to prune. If absolutely necessary, you may cut and remove broken branches and other minor defects. Limit yourself as pruning can be very stressful to new trees.

Will you need to stake your new tree?

When trees cannot stand on their own, they can be “staked” for additional support. This method helps the tree stand upright until they can do it on their own, which is when their stake will be removed.

Depending on the type of tree you have, it may need extra anchorage, but newly planted trees do not generally need to be staked. When your tree needs staking, make sure to remove it within one or two years or your tree may get too dependent on its support.

Additional tip in taking care of your newly planted tree

The most important thing you have to do to take care of your plant is to do your research about it. There are many resources that will help you in knowing exactly what your tree needs. To be sure, you can also ask an arborist near you to help your tree grow and stay healthy.

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