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Tree Removal Orland Park

Tree trimming and removal can seem like a daunting process for homeowners. The job is often too big for the average DIY project, which is why when you are looking for expert in the Orland Park area to help you remove your trees, we are ready to assist you. When it is time to tackle a project, it can definitely be a challenge to know if you are choosing the right company.  Call our team, we can guarantee you year-round professional services and meticulous workmanship. We are licensed and insured, and work diligently to provide support and maintenance for your trees, whether this means tree removal, trimming, cabling and bracing, or stump grinding. If you're in need of any of these services in Orland Park or the surrounding area - we're at you're service!  Call us today for a free estimate and a quick turnaround time.

What is the cost to remove a tree?

Cutting down and removing a tree is no easy task.  We are literally involved in one of the top 3 most dangerous professions as we work full days suspended in the air, in inclement weather, with sharp objects such as chain saws, carrying heavy objects like tree limbs and branches.  It’s not for the faint of heart, but that also doesn’t mean that it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Pricing for tree removal in Orland Park can vary by several factors, some of which are listed below:

what is the cost to remove a tree in orland park

Location – where on your property is your tree located?  If it’s next to your home, windows, garage or other structures that can get damaged from the tree falling on top of it, the cost will likely be more than if it were located in an area where there is nothing else around it.

Height – the taller the tree, the more planning that will need to go into it.  Not only that, but our crew will also have to adequately prep for the height.

Diameter – shorter trees with a wider diameter are priced more than taller trees with a thinner diameter.  Wider diameters are tougher to work with.  Wider diameters will also leave behind wider tree stumps, therefore, stump grinding will also cost more than grinding a tree with a thinner diameter.

Tree condition – a tree that is healthy and strong will take more man power to cut down and remove than one that is dying and decaying.   Trees that are dying also tend to be lighter in weight as there is less density and matter.

On average, tree removal service in Orland Park runs approximately $1,500 per tree.  This is a rough average, but the conditions above could certainly affect the price one way or another.  If you’d like us to come out to your property, assess the work you need done and provide a free estimate, we are happy to schedule a time to come out.  We do our very best to work around your schedule, but sometimes providing an estimate doesn’t even require your presence on the property.  With your approval, we can go directly to the tree and evaluate the amount of work needed without you being there.  Call us today!

Unlike trees that grow naturally in the wild, trees grown in our yards and communities need to be trimmed and maintained to stay both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. When it is time to trim a tree, either because of unbalanced growth or to remove diseased or dead matter, it is beneficial to have the help of experienced and trained experts. When tree biology is not understood, what should be meant as quick pruning can lead to irreversible damage to a tree which can significantly lessen its life span. Our arborists have years of knowledge in tree growth and health, and can determine the healthiest course of action for your pruning needs.

Realistically, there are not many reasons for trimming a tree. Each cut made to a tree will change its future growth, making it essential that each cut is carefully considered. The most common reasons for trimming include improving the shape of a tree, removing limbs that have died, and removing leaves and branches that have become diseased.

As well as understanding what situations warrant tree trimming, it is vital to do any trimming at the proper time. When you are dealing with dead or diseased limbs, it is generally ok to do this at any time. However, the best time, if possible, is to remove these limbs in the late winter or early spring right before growth spurts. This is because any new wounds heal faster during this time, lessening the risk of disease. Many tree pathogens take advantage of open cuts to trees and can cause devastating damage. Our arborists understand what pathogens your trees will be susceptible to and will avoid pruning during seasons these diseases are more active.  If you're looking for tree trimming in the Orland Park area, give us a call.  We'd be happy to provide our expertise and service!

tree removal orland park

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Sometimes you have time to plan for an impending tree removal, as you can see your tree slowly fading whether from age or disease.  Other times, your tree is unexpectedly damaged by weather such as wind, sleet, rain, and hail that can destroy a tree. Sometimes, the damage is so significant that you need to get your tree service as soon as possible, before the damaged tree causes further damage to other property or bodily injury to people.

When you need tree removal service in Orland Park, tree trimming, or any other emergency services, it's critical that you turn to a company who carries proper licensing, insurance, has years of experience and the proper equipment to service you.

Taking down a tree can be tricky, and often can turn dangerous in an instant. Tree removal includes many unpredictable influences, such as a large unstable object, power tools, heights, and human error possibilities. As professionals who have a great deal of experience in these situations, we can use our knowledge and protective equipment to lessen the chances of accidents. If an accident does occur, our employees and customers can rest assured that our business is insured.

When trees are removed, you have to make decisions regarding the stump and root system that still exists. Some people choose to leave the stump. However, it can create issues such as regrowth, trip hazards, and just general unsightliness.

You may consider stump grinding if the remaining stump and root structure are not going to interfere with a structure. When a stump is ground, a large machine is brought in that will grind the existing stump to a level that is slightly below your soil, reducing its ability to be a trip hazard. The machine itself looks like a lawnmower, except it is equipped with a saw blade that slowly chops away at the stump. Some people put a layer of soil over the ground down stump so that they can plant grass on top of it, and some leave the stump as is.

While less economical, and a much larger task, there are times when complete stump removal is necessary. Removal includes digging out the stump and extracting as much of the root system as possible. Complete removal is often done when you are planning to build a structure over the location of the root. Complete removal is followed by the cavity being filled with either sand or topsoil. Regardless of which method is best for your property, whether grinding or removal, we have the training and tools to complete your job, as well as competitive prices.

stump grinding in orland park

Why our stump removal service in Orland Park is the way you should go

Do you have stumps on your property that were left behind from when a tree was there?  Smaller tree stumps can be manageable, especially if it was a younger, less mature tree, but if it was an older tree with a much wider tree base then the stump that was left behind may be much too big.

Removing a stump isn’t quite the same work as removing a tree.  Much of a stump is underground and therefore requires much more manual labor.  Cutting down the trunk of a tree, on the other hand, can be a matter of taking a chainsaw to it and making the clean cut.

So then why should you call us to take care of your stumps?  Well aside from the excellent service and work you’ll receive; we bring with us years of stump grinding and removal experience.  If there are any recommendations or suggestions we can make, we’ll definitely pass it on to you.  In addition, we come very well equipped with commercial grade equipment carrying blades and grinders that can do the job in a fraction of the time it would take several people to do hours of back-breaking work.

Not only that, but we believe that it’s a financially poor decision for you to do it on your own.  By the time you rent out any equipment you may need and spend countless hours digging, swinging, pulling and lifting, it would have cost you more in time than it would have to hire out or crew.  Opportunity cost is a real thing and we truly believe that your time is better spent elsewhere.  If you’d like us to check out your stumps and provide an estimate on removing them, give us a call and we’ll provide a free estimate.  We provide tree stump removal and grinding in Orland Park and all the surrounding south suburbs as well.  We’re here for you!

There are times when the structural integrity of your trees is at risk. Fortunately, this is often a situation that can be remedied, and we have the experience and knowledge to help your Orland Park trees become healthy once again. Our knowledgeable staff is available to come and access your tree, and determine whether cabling or bracing will help your compromised tree.

The cables used are made of tensile steel, which is attached using bolts to our tree to help reduce movement or further splitting. Whether your tree has grown what is known as a "V Crotch", where the trunk does not grow as one solid trunk but instead in two weaker trunks, or it has been damaged by high winds or other wind conditions, cabling and bracing will hold the weak parts of your tree together in a way that will restrict movement. This is a tried and true method that will help your tree for years to come.

Like any other tree maintenance, your cabling and bracing are going to need to be a part of ongoing support. Our team of experts is trained to access the cabling in a scheduled care plan to ensure that your tree is continuing to grow appropriately or if it will require adjustments over the years. Because this is not a one size fits all solution for weak trees, and some cannot support the strain, it is best to seek the assistance of a trained professional before pursuing bracing. Call us today, and we will help you explore the options best for your tree situation.

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Does Cabling Hurt A Tree?

Getting a qualified arborist who can cable your tree properly is the most important piece in saving your tree.  When done properly, cabling is not only effective at correcting the structure of the tree, but it's also safe.  Getting this job completed by someone who is unqualified can result in tree girdling where a permanent ring around the tree severs the bark and the vascular cambium (sometimes it goes deeper) causing it to ultimately die.

Sometimes trees can survive girdling but if the tree's structure has already been compromised, then girdling is just adding more wood to the fire.  We notice that if a tree has less than half of the circumference that is girdled, it can usually survive the damage.  Though girdling is a technique sometimes used on purpose, in this case it just adds another layer of complexity when you're trying to save your tree and improve its structural integrity.  The point being, have someone who is qualified do your cabling and bracing.

Clipper Tree Removal Service of Orland Park, 15128 S LaGrange Rd #2792, Orland Park IL 60462

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Clipper Tree Removal Service of Orland Park is centrally located right near the busy intersection of La Grange Rd and 151st St.  We're only blocks away from the Orland Township Secretary of State Facility, Gizmos Fun Factory and The Silver Lake Country Club.

Directions from the Orland Grassland: take La Grange Rd going north for 3.8 miles until you reach the address on your left hand side.

Directions from the Crystal Tree Golf and Country Club: from the parking lot head out to 153rd st.  Make a left on 153rd and continue east bound for 1.2 miles.  Make a left on S. Ravinia Ave and continue straight until you reach the destination.  It will make you take a half-loop but you will end up at our location on the right hand side.

Directions from Prairie Elementary School: make a right onto 141st st headed east bound.  Once you arrive to 82nd Ave, make a right going south bound and continue for 1.2 miles.  Once you arrive to 151st St, make a right headed east bound and continue for 1.9 miles.  You'll pass S. La Grange Rd and immediately you'll see our parking lot on your left hand side.  Destination will be on the left hand side.

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tree cutting service in orland park il

Tree cutting service in Orland Park

Maybe you own a tree that needs to be cut and clipped in certain areas.  It doesn’t take long for certain parts of a tree to become dangerous and threating to you, your family, and your neighbors.  It can also pose a threat to personal property as well.  If you suspect that it’s time to cut down certain branches or limbs of your tree, we can help!

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, cutting down parts of a tree with accuracy is a skill that can take a long time to master.  Doing it on your own can lead to some big mistakes.  We’ll accurately assess the surrounding area, prep the area for our cuts, and then strategically cut down the large branches and limbs so that your tree no longer poses and dangers to others.

Trees can and do grow quickly, especially in the Midwest where spring rains bring a lot of life to our trees.  Providing continual maintenance to your trees, and staying on top of their growth is the best way to prevent any type of accidents that could occur from dangerous trees.

Our crew has decades of collective tree cutting experience.  Years of training has taught us how and where to cut the limbs and branches, how to guide the fall, and most importantly, how to prevent injury.  We have saws, lifts, hard hats, machinery, and other safety equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  If you’re in the Orland Park area and you’re in need of a tree cutting service, reach out to us and we’ll gladly provide a quote.  On top of that, you’ll get full transparency from us, excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and top notch tree service!

About Orland Park

Orland Park is located within Cook County and in 2020 had a population of 57k people.  It's conveniently located next to Homer Glen, Orland Hills, Mokena, Tinley Park, Palos, and Palos Park.  Orland Park has a very good size Parks and Recreations department comprising of the large Centennial Park Aquatic Center.  It has six water slides, two large pools and a childrens play area amking it one of the largest public pools in the area.

In the winter time, you have the Winter Wonderland Ice Rink that is also located in Centennial Park.  Typically, it opens from November to March and is free of charge to the public.  If you're a golfer, Orland Park has 1,089 holes within a 15 mile radius and has been touted as the "World's Golf Center".  With so many course, there are many trees we could be taking care of!

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What's Our Clients Say

  • Vanessa B.

    Orland Park

Parts of our tree were dead and large branches looked like they were going to damage our home. Our service was quick but well done. We have other trees that will also get their service. Thank you!

  • Roger C

    Tinley Park

We had several tree stumps in our back lawn that needed to be removed.  They make our lawn look awful and we always fear someone will get hurt. Clipper Tree service did a great job removing the entire tree stump.

  • Phillip H

    Homer Glen

Our trees had been slowly dying of disease but we called clipper tree service when we noticed the disease spreading from tree to tree. They were able to recognize the issue right away and gave us a treatment plan to bring them back to life. We're happy we called!

  • Carmen P

    Palos Park

Our tree looked like it was going to split in half so we called Clipper Tree Service and had someone come out to our house.  They recommended cabling and bracing to secure our tree from further structural damage. They know what they're doing.

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